About Us

Dangi World Organisation (DWO )is managed and controlled by dedicated social , activists, intellectuals and young youth group of our samaj.It.was established in 2013. It was registered in 2017 according to 1860 society Act. Its registration no is 979/18. This organization’s main motive is to bring all Dangis brothers and sisters from different parts of world under one head and bring them in lime light of one another’s knowledge so that our identity can be saved from vanish. Our culture and tradition is going to vanish in the changing modern living. It is our duty to save and preserve our culture and tradition which we get from our ancestors. Dangi Prem kumar Vidharthi contributed his time and started work to give identity of Dangis in a new frame work. DWO is the result of his brilliant thinking and effort to give speed to the development and identity of Dangi samaj in broader way. It has framed various wings for the smooth and faster development in the field of social, economical, educational, political etc.

Many social activists male and female,Young youth, farmers, politicians, govt & private servents are contributing and participating actively for the development of our Dangi samaj in various groups. Organisation has already started its work in educational field in Bihar and Jharkhand and now it is trying to spread to each Dangis family in every pets of the country and world.For this honoured work of teaching DWO is arranging educational classes which are conducted by prominent educationists so that teaching should be according to modern methods and techniques to fulfill the needs and demands of students.

Its planning is to prepare the students to achieve targets in the field of not only education but sports, art, painting, etc by giving tuitions, guidance, counselling, proper time management etc. Organisation is framing and establishing committee at local, block, district and state level to help and support our dangi people as fast as possible. Organisation is launching different programs like Dangi educational class, Dangi matrimony ,Dangi art and cultural club, Dangi sports , Dangi court,.etc which will be available physically and online also.

Aim of our Organization is to bring all our social activists, educationists, reformers for only one objective that is all round development of our Dangi samaj. So that we all move forward and spread all over the country on all highest post and every field. Our support helps the new generation so much that next generation will touch the hight of development and every department, every field our Dangis brothers and sisters become the leaders. And then we.can say proudly that yes WE.ARE DANGIS. The future is in our hands. Organisation needs and appeal to all Dangis to help and give your precious time ,advice, support to our society.